Prenatal Yoga

No worries, we can always organise yoga classes at my place in Remuera.

Although yoga is considered a safe form of exercise, every body is different and it is important to discuss yoga with your healthcare professional if you have any health issues.

It is also vital that you let me know if you feel any pain or any discomfort prior to starting a course.

In Prenatal Yoga, it’s important to tune to your body and determine a comfortable level of exercise.

Talk to your obstetrician first. As it is a private class, I can always adapt your practice according to your needs. A very relaxing practice with easy stretching that does not impact on the pregnancy will keep you active and give you peace of mind.

It is better to avoid exercise during the first trimester. Yet, because I give a private class, I can adapt the yoga practice and make it a very relaxing class with easy stretching that will not impact negatively on the pregnancy. This will keep you active and put your mind at ease about what happened in the past.

Yoga is one of the best exercises you can do throughout your pregnancy.

Starting yoga during your first trimester is the best time for yourself. This early stage is an important time for your fetus’s development.

You haven’t put on weight (yet ;-))but the pregnancy has already induced changes: your hormones are on the move, your uterus is growing, your breasts are changing and your cardiovascular system is working harder since blood volume is increasing (all of this may cause tiredness and mood swings).

You may feel more flexible as a result of the relaxin hormone : this is the perfect moment to safely use your flexibility with yoga.

The first trimester is an essential time to prepare your body for the second trimester and to get your mind ready to connect with your baby.

Time flies, so start as soon as possible if you want to make the most of yoga and relaxation!

If you usually exercise a lot, you should adapt your exercises from the very beginning.

From the first trimester, it is recommended to avoid exercising in hot environments and overheating with intense exercises. It is important to avoid the feeling of being hot, short of breath, exhausted and sweaty.

Take extra care of your joints and pelvic floor stress.

If you do not practice any sport, the beginning of the pregnancy is the perfect time to focus on your well-being:

  • to nurture yourself and your baby-to-be;
  • to be ready for the 9 months of your pregnancy;
  • to develop your strength, breath and concentration. This will boost your stamina, postures and overall health throughout your pregnancy and birth.

With yoga in your first trimester, you will benefit from a mix of low-impact cardiovascular and strength training, pregnancy- specific exercises and relaxation, all of which will boost your mobility, flexibility and breath awareness.

In addition to the physical benefits, prenatal yoga frees your mind from the to-do list and gives you genuine time to slow down and connect with your baby and your body.

Many moms express not only satisfaction with their labour and delivery after taking prenatal yoga, but also mention how special their time in class was.


-12.5 hours of amazing content

-Group setting of 4 couples maximum

-Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing book and CD

-Rainbow Relaxation MP3

-A complete handout with Relaxation and Hypnotic scripts, Birth Preferences template, and a lot of useful information.

-Snacks & refreshments at each class.

If you can’t make it to group classes because you are over 36 weeks or for any other reason, no worries! Just get in touch and we’ll arrange something that matches your schedule and needs.

There is no particular form of spirituality attached to HypnoBirthing.

This relaxing pre-birth method is based on science. You will learn about mothers’ physiology and acquire breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques that will support you for a natural and gentle birth.

HypnoBirthing is an antenatal education program focused on empowering the mother to be relaxed and stress-free, to achieve a serene, natural and satisfying birth. You will also learn about mothers’ physiology. However you can also attend classic antenatal classes if you want to know more about the medical aspect of birth and what life with a newborn baby may be like.

Breathing Techniques

Yes, this person is welcome if you do the private class. He/She will learn the breathing techniques with you and therefore he/she will be a great support during your childbirth.

Baby Massage

By bus, get off at the Meadowbank shopping mall; the Community centre is located beside the Barfoot & Thompson’s office.

By train, get off at Meadowbank Station, then walk on Meadowbank Rd for about 20 minutes until you reach St Johns Rd. The Community Centre will be on the left on the opposite side of the street, 50m from the lights.

29 St Johns road, St Johns.

If there isn’t any parking available at the Centre parking area, you can park within the Mall parking area and use the walkway through the Community Centre grounds.

It is also vital that you let me know if you feel any pain or any discomfort prior to starting a course.

In Prenatal Yoga, it’s important to tune to your body and determine a comfortable level of exercise.

Yes of course although you may need to come with a family member or a friend. Email me beforehand to see how we can organise the session.

First and foremost, bring your baby with you!

Please bring a large towel that you will place around your baby during the massage and a small towel or blanket for your baby to lie on.

Bring your oil if you already use one on your baby, as well as any usual baby equipment needed.

You can bring bring a cushion to sit on if you want to.

The room will be warm, so please wear removable layers and comfortable clothes. Skirts are probably not a good idea as we will be sitting on the floor for most of the session.

We suggest that baby’s clothes and nappies be removed during the massage, however if you would prefer to keep the nappy on, this is also fine.

Oils, handouts and refreshment are supplied for each session.

I will provide an organic oil for the massage.

However, If you already use an oil for your baby, you can bring it.Otherwise wait for the first class before you buy, we will talk about these matters.

These are baby classes so crying is accepted. All babies cry! This is how they communicate. Babies lead the classes so you should feel free to fulfill your baby’s needs however you need to, by feeding, changing, walking around etc. during the class.

I will usually proceed with the class as much as possible but if there is a general outcry, we will take a little “cuddle break”.

Our aim is that, at the end of the course, you feel relaxed and confident, as you have learnt  new skills to spend beautiful moments with your baby – skills which will last for a lifetime.

Many moms express not only satisfaction with their labour and delivery after taking prenatal yoga, but also mention how special their time in class was.


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