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A bit about my life

I am Marie and I have always been fascinated by women’s inner brilliance through their experience of maternity.

I have been trained as a midwife and witnessed the wonder of childbirth in all kind of circumstances.

Raised in a family of Doctors of Medicine, I studied in France where birth takes place in hospitals and involves medication and pain control in the healthy yet aseptic environment of the delivery room. It has provided me with all the technical knowledge and tools to handle complicated pregnancies and births –  but by the end of my training, I felt like pregnancy was a condition.

Soon after completing of my midwifery degree, I moved to Mayotte, a French territory in the Indian Ocean, close to Africa. I began working with African populations and I soon realised that a normal physiologic birth doesn’t have to be so long, painful and systematically involve medical procedures.

I understood that birth was not a time of action for the medical team but for the mom-to-be. Most importantly, these women were generally free of fears and ready to bring their baby into the world.

When you are ready to give birth and the onset of labour is approaching, fear goes down, while inner trust builds up. You are in control, working in harmony with your body and your baby, and you do not fear the unknown of birth because it is a natural event that you will embrace.

You may think that a painless birth is unattainable, and this is understandable. After all, how could this even be possible when society, TV, friends or family tell you how dreadful it is and how much you need the needle to get through it?

After this experience in Mayotte, I came back to work in France and I was shocked. How was it possible that in developed countries despite all our resources, moms feel lost, stress out and dread their childbirth?

This was disturbing since I truly believe that all babies should embrace the world in a serene, warm and homely atmosphere.

I am now living in beautiful Aotearoa, a place that I have decided to make my own and where I support pregnant women wanting to enjoy a joyful pregnancy, filled with excitement, delight and love.

It is my belief that all women should be ready, confident and relaxed about their birth.

If you need support to live a Serene Pregnancy, have the birth you desire and bond with your newborn, get in touch with me.
You will be empowered on your journey into motherhood with serenity.

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I founded Serene Pregnancy to support pregnant women on their motherhood journey. I have a holistic and comprehensive approach to maternity.

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